Have you ever wondered why one makes US$1500 a month while and both have the same 24 hours?

Whenever I ask this question, most people would answer that he must have worked very hard, he is very smart, he has the right network or…

Have you ever experienced a sudden “Aha” moment, and then everything becomes clear?

You suddenly found the real issue.
You suddenly know how to solve a problem.
You suddenly realize where you need to change.
You suddenly got a breakthrough.

Previously, I wrote an article about the importance of clarity…

Become Financially Free When You Do Not Focus On Making More Money

If you focus on making “more money” because you feel that would make you feel successful, then you’re in for a ride down the rabbit hole.

The reason is very simple.

If your definition of success is having…

Here’s a rundown of the Linkedin Tips:

1. Create a Client-Focused Profile for Yourself

Although I don’t believe many clients actively search for potential service providers on Linkedin, they will almost always check you out there before speaking with you or meeting with you if you connect in other ways.

Step by Step Guide To Registering With Binance With Screen Shots

Step 1: Go To

You will see this screen, enter your email and your chosen password to register.

Note: Password must be 8 character and at least 1 number and 1 upper case letter. Eg. Twb2021e

Slide the piece into the Puzzle to verify that you are a human

When I did not get my breakthrough, I was devouring information and unsuccessful and suffering information overload…

every course I see makes me feel I don’t know enough, i’m not good enough…

So I ended up learning more than doing…

When my back was against the wall, I had to…

Many ways you can sell on own a stock, or you can say, I want to own a business. And you can do both.

If you were to go back and listen to interviews from Warren buffet and every year where he does two things, he does an annual letter…

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Has it ever occurred to you why some people can be so wealthy while others get paid measly, yet everyone has the same 24 hours?

This question crossed my mind when I failed in polytechnic, and I was worried about my future. I considered myself an imbecile in academics.


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